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If you look at the power-tools hierarchy as a pantheon, then the circular saw should, without a doubt be at the top. A tool so versatile and resilient should be a staple of your toolkit. The versatility part is evident in the fact that circular saws can cover anything from big furniture creation processes to small fixes around the house.

We’re talking about a tool as precise and powerful as no other. Whether it is a cordless or a corded one, a circular saw provides you with an option that is both easy to use and effective. You can bring them anywhere near a power source in order to do all sorts of fixes and quick work sessions.

What craftsmen and carpenters all around the world love is the fact that you can find hundreds of different blade types, for different needs and projects. The world of circular saws is an exciting one and you should come to know it by reading this solid review on 10 best circular saw on the market today!

The best circular saw – What really makes it the best?

Obviously, all circular saws found on our list have power stats and cutting efficiency on a fairly similar level. What sets them apart the most is design. Under that term fall the following factors: dust blowers, ease of grip, chutes, width and ability to manoeuvre through small spaces, and so on. All these can make all difference in the words, regardless of power or blade speed.

When it comes to cutting features, we employed a meticulous series of tests on 2×4 boards and other materials to determine the champion amongst the circular saws of the world. All these circular saws have outstanding cutting abilities, but some do it better than others.

When speaking about power features, all of these are exceptional in that department. It all comes down to the motor – does it experience problems during lengthy cuts, does it slow down unexpectedly. Although the RPM is important, the only way to determine the power of a circular saw is through thorough tests.

Although professionals may use circular saws with their eyes closed, beginners and DIY craftsmen have a real risk of losing a finger or two if not careful. That’s why safety features were a big factor in our ranking. Blade guards are to keep the blade covered when the saw is off and prevent unwanted cuts.

Electric brakes are also important, as they slow down the circular saw once you’re done cutting. It is important to get the job done, but finishing it uninjured is more important.

Maybe the most important factor is the existence of a warranty, plus the customer service. If and how the company responds to calls and emails, the manuals and the FAQ are very important aids when using a circular saw. Without further ado, behold the absolute best circular saws!

The 10 Bestselling family board games on the market today – Reviewed here

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